A penny for my thoughts, you say?  Well, since you’ve asked…

I’ve been interested in photography since I used to watch my dad do freelance shoots for adverstising firms back in the 1970’s.  I even on a rare occasion would take shots with his cameras when I thought I could get away with it.

Since then, I’ve owned several dozen cameras of my own and developed (pun intented) my own style of photography.  I’ve always enjoyed sharing my photos and views on photography with others, and this blog affords me that opportunity.  I’ll also occasionally stretch into some of my other interests: writing, surfing, music production, and spirituality.

Pull up a chair, grab your favorite beverage, and let’s share some time!  This is a judgment-free zone.

I can be reached through the contact page on my site, or via e-mail at: newasvp@gmail.com.